Should I replace my AC unit?

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April 5, 2016
Taking care of you air conditioner
April 11, 2016

Should I replace my AC unit?

The summer is right around the corner, and the one thing we cannot live without during this season is air conditioning. Nothing drains your energy more than endless waves of oppressive heat, which we have all suffered on a day out or worse: because our A/C broke down.

It isn’t uncommon for these machines to need some maintenance, but how many repairs are too many before the better deal is to get a new one? How do you know you won’t keep spending more in further repairs? Here are some factors to take into account before you decide.

• Take note of the age

This is an easy one, as most of you surely already thought about it. Age plays a very important role on how you’re A/C is running. If your unit is more than 10 years old, it is highly recommended to upgrade to a newer model, which will also be more energy-efficient.

• Do you have to repair it constantly?

Even if buying a new air conditioner can represent a big investment, it may be less expensive in the long run, more so if you end up having to buy a new anyway once the old one fails for good.

There are homes that need to give maintenance to their A/C units at the beginning of each summer in order for them to work properly. But although paying a smaller bill each year may seem more manageable, it is only delaying the inevitable. If your A/C doesn’t even last the season, you really want to reconsider options.

• Look for unusual spikes on your energy bill

We know the bill will rise anyway once you start using you’re A/C more frequently, but if it goes beyond normal your unit may be wasting energy, likely from leaking ducts. This is usually combined with a lower performance of your unit.

If you have an older model, energy usage is another factor you’ll want to -take into account either way, as upgrading to an energy-efficient one will do wonders to your monthly bill.

If you are still unsure if your air conditioner needs to be replaced instead of just fixed, it is better to get professional help from a technician. Once the summer gets rolling but you home remains nice and cool, it will be clear to you that it was the right decision.