5 Most Common Problems with Your HVAC Unit

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June 4, 2015
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June 24, 2015

5 Most Common Problems with Your HVAC Unit

HVAC units are an essential part of any home, and yet, at times we fail to give them proper care and maintenance. Just as you would frequently upgrade any other important appliance in your home, your HVAC unit requires regular attention to deliver the best results, and save you money in energy you might be wasting. Heaters can fail for many reasons, however, there are 5 problems that account for most of the issues people encounter, and those should be the ones to consider first when diagnosing your broken heater. Grab a flashlight and inspect your heater for signs of any of the following problems:


  • Defective Thermostat


Your thermostat is the device that essentially controls your entire unit, and therefore, should be the very first thing to check. A thermostat that is not working properly could result in intermittent heating or non at all, fan not working, or forcing your unit to over run. If the thermostat has signs of corrosion, faulty wiring, or is broken in any way, you might need to call a professional and have it checked.


  • Faulty Ignition System


The next item to check in your HVAC unit will be the ignition system. The two most common kinds are Hot Surface Ignition and Intermittent Pilot. Having a faulty ignition system, due to wear, corrosion, or problems with the electric or gas source, could result in no heating and could even be dangerous if gas is leaking. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for lighting and controlling your pilot, whether manually or with a digital controller, and repair damaged parts immediately.


  • Damaged Mechanical Parts


If the issue doesn’t seem to be in the thermostat or the ignition system, you will also want to check all other mechanical parts that compose the heating unit. Look for signs of wear, corrosion, leaks, tears, cracks or any other kind of damage. You should replace or repair any parts that could be to blame for the problem.


  • Blocked Filters


One of the easiest solutions to many problems with heaters is to regularly replace your filters. Your HVAC unit might be working just fine, but if your filters are clogged, your unit will be forced to work harder, which will significantly reduce its lifespan and will increase your energy bills. There is no need to buy expensive versions, simply buy many of the cheaper filters and replace them every month to avoid putting an unnecessary strain on your unit.


  • Neglecting Yearly Maintenance


No matter how much you care for you HVAC unit during the year, one step that should not be avoided is to have it checked by a professional on a yearly basis. Just like any of the appliances in your home and even your car, your HVAC unit should be tuned up every year to check that no imminent problems exist. Investing in a yearly checkup will be the smartest way to avoid dealing with much worse problems in the future and even costly bills for difficult repairs.

Before you are ready to call for help from a professional, follow this guide in order to cover the most common issues that may come up with heaters. If you don’t want any surprises when the colder months arrive, take some time to check your heater and make sure everything is working correctly. Remember that prevention will always be the best medicine, so don’t neglect your HVAC unit anymore and give it the regular care it needs.